Reliability: Our Dedication To Optimized Consistent Mercury Capture

3Reliability is of paramount importance for our customers. At ADA Carbon Solutions we have taken this concern very seriously and made strategic investments to ensure it. Our assets and organizational capability were designed to manufacture activated carbon specifically tailored for superior, consistent and reliable performance in flue gas mercury control applications.

Most activated carbon producers serve many different markets and by definition their assets need to be more flexible. This presents a challenge to achieve optimal performance in any specific application. At ADA Carbon Solutions our assets are designed with one purpose in mind… to make the best activated carbon products for mercury removal and to provide them at the highest standards for consistency and reliability.

Domestic, Committed Manufacturing

Our flagship facility in Red River Parish, LA is the largest, most automated and environmentally friendly powdered activated carbon manufacturing facility in North America. We only make virgin powdered activated carbon and production is backed by comprehensive quality control and continuous improvement programs.

Vertical Integration Into Raw Material Supply

Recognizing the critical importance of a reliable, consistent source of raw material, we developed our own coal mine. Five Forks Mine was specifically chosen because it provides a long term, reliable supply of lignite coal that is ideally suited to make activated carbon that is optimal for mercury removal. This strategic investment affords ADA Carbon Solutions unparalleled supply chain reliability and helps us to control costs long term.

Supply Chain Focused

Our custom processing facility in Natchitoches, LA allows us to address opportunities that require a more customized solution. Some circumstances call for a solution that is tailored to meet a unique set of needs. In our facility in Natchitoches, we can custom formulate products to meet those needs and provide the product in different packages.

Understanding that consistent performance relies on a dependable delivery system, ADA Carbon Solutions has invested in our own trailers and rail cars. These delivery mechanisms are dedicated to virgin powdered activated carbon, limiting the possibility of cross-contamination. All of our drivers are trained on the protocols of our customers ensuring safe, efficient and clean delivery. In addition, we have developed various strategically positioned transload stations positioned throughout North America. These stations allow us to store inventory closer to the end consumer further improving reliability and reducing cost.

Dedicated Customer Service

It is our objective to be considered your partner of choice for powdered activated carbon. We value our relationships with our clients and in addition to responsive technical and sales professionals who will work one on one with you, we have a dedicated customer service department where each customer has an assigned representative. This way, your representative becomes attuned to your specific needs and requirements and can effectively address them.

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