Carbon 101: What is activated carbon?

Activated carbon is designed specifically to act as a filter and removal tool in industrial uses. It’s an extremely useful product for coal-fired power plants, industrial boilers, and waste combustors who are required by the EPA Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) to remove mercury from the emissions from their plants.

At ADA Carbon Solutions, we pride ourselves on manufacturing activated carbon products that are specifically engineered for companies who need to remove mercury from their emissions. We have one of the most reliable supply chains in the world, and we focus on a constant drive for innovation in our products and their performance in our customer’s applications.

Driving the Critical Aspects of Activated Carbon to Optimize Performance in Your Emission Train

Our research and development program has resulted in a step change in mercury control capability for our customers.  Our newest developments focus on the fundamentals of activated carbon properties and emissions control systems. Three key parameters have to be optimized for effective mercury capture.  At ADA Carbon Solutions we apply our unique expertise in emission control with a deep understanding of the critical aspects of activated carbon to tune our processes so that these three parameters are optimized.

Contact: Particles and their distribution in your emission control system provide the appropriate degree of contact with trace levels of mercury to enable surface chemistry, pores and surface area to do their job.

Conversion: Oxidation of elemental mercury is key to enhancing the receptivity of mercury by activated carbon.

Capture: The activated carbon ultimately must be designed to enable secure capture of the mercury molecule to remove it from the gas phase.

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