Experts In Compliance: Driving Innovation in Performance


This table illustrates the increased mercury adsorption of our FastPACTM Premium product compared to PowerPAC PremiumTM and an ADA Carbon Solutions developmental product in a test at a coal-fired utility. Actual performance may vary based on a variety of factors.

Compliance Is Our Market Focus

For many producers of activated carbon the mercury control market is one of several competing priorities. For ADA Carbon Solutions this is our core strategic imperative. We are focused on being recognized as the industry leader in powdered activated carbon for mercury removal. As a result, our organization, expertise and assets were developed with this specific purpose in mind.

Emission Control Expertise

Our key expertise is in understanding plant operations and how to integrate and optimize mercury (and multi-pollutant) control. At ADA Carbon Solutions, our heritage is emission control for coal-fired boilers. Each emissions control challenge is unique in many ways. We focus on your unit and your needs to formulate the best strategy for reliable compliance.

Research and Development

We constantly drive to create new products that improve performance, reduce PAC consumption, and address challenging flue gas conditions. Already, we have introduced several new products, with each one addressing a particular need and providing superior value for the customer. Our research and development group is continuing to grow and drive innovation.

ADA Carbon Solutions invests more per dollar of revenue in technology development specific to mercury removal than any of our major competitors. New products and processes are rooted in advancing deep fundamental activated carbon science and technology. The availability to you of these advanced products and our industry-leading emission expertise helps each customer to achieve the optimal emissions control solution.


We are always optimizing our plants’ production to meet your needs. Our focus is on mercury control. We integrate our activated carbon know-how into plant operations and drive consistent quality and continuous improvement. You can count on our state-of-the-art production facility for reliable supply of powdered activated carbon that leads the industry for mercury capture About Us.

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