MATS Compliance: Reliable and Cost Effective

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Our Solutions Help You Meet Compliance Standards

At ADA Carbon Solutions MATS Compliance is at the center of our entire company. We take this industry very seriously and we make strategic investments and decisions to ensure we are the best option in the industry. Our assets and organizational capability were designed to manufacture activated carbon specifically tailored for superior, consistent and reliable performance in flue gas mercury control applications.

Effective operation of coal fired boilers presents many variables and challenges. Developing an effective compliance strategy – one that is both reliable and cost effective – needs to consider all of the potential variables and the impact a change in one may have on the other.

ADA Carbon Solutions’ got it’s start by focusing on emission control and therefore we approach each problem with a deep appreciation and understanding of these variables.

We Have Answers To Your Most Important Compliance Questions

When considering alternative powdered activated carbon suppliers for emission control many companies have asked themselves questions like:

  • Which company has the greatest expertise in emission control?
  • Who is most focused on addressing my needs?
  • Who has the best technology today and is most likely to have it in the future?
  • Who do I want to be my partner to achieve the optimal long term mercury control solution for my plant?

ADA Carbon Solutions has the focus, assets, ongoing technology development, and customer service to help you meet your mercury compliance needs… reliably and cost effectively.  For more information, contact us.

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