Mercury Control for Industrial Boilers


A Partner In Mercury Control and Compliance Challenges

ADA Carbon Solutions works with industrial boiler owners to identify the best product and strategy for mercury emissions compliance in your flue gas conditions.  We can help you solve the challenges of mercury control in difficult applications.  As your partner in emissions control, we help you evaluate your facility’s near and long term needs and help you develop a plan to cost-effectively provide the peace of mind that comes with a reliable compliance strategy.

Industrial boiler operators are presented with the challenge of finding a cost-effective flue gas mercury control approach while maintaining operational flexibility. Variables that contribute to defining the best mercury control approach for your system include:

  • Flue gas temperature
  • Intermittent versus base-load operation
  • Challenging coal types (including mercury levels and halogen content)
  • Individual emissions constraints (including multi-pollutant control)
  • Existing air pollution control equipment
  • Anticipated retrofit equipment and timing

EPA’s MACT rules for major and area source locations mean that you must optimize your compliance strategy for a long-term, reliable, cost-effective solution (see EPA’s rules at and

For more information about ADA Carbon Solutions’ products, our mercury control expertise, our state-of-the-art manufacturing and delivery facilities, or to discuss your mercury control concerns, please contact us.

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