Mercury Control ADA Carbon Solutions is your go-to expert on mercury control in flue gas streams. We leverage our unique understanding of the many variables that affect each emission control challenge in the design of our powdered activated carbon products to provide industry leading sorbent solutions. Our state of the art assets are backed by a high level of automation and contemporary improvement processes providing reliable, consistent supply. Our objective is to work with our clients to help them develop an effective compliance strategy…one that is both reliable and cost effective.    Read More »

Planning Compliance with EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) There are many options and implications to consider in planning compliance.  To enable a clear approach to this process, ADA Carbon Solution has compiled a few guiding principles from the multitude of test programs, configurations and technology options available.  We understand that MATS compliance is unique to each plant and that both current and future configurations need to be taken into account to ensure reliable, consistent compliance for the long term.  Let us help you evaluate your MATS mercury control options.

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