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Dynamic Mercury Index Test One of the shortfalls in mercury control research was the development of a good surrogate for mercury capture in dynamic conditions, representative of ESP in-flight capture. Our Dynamic Mercury Index (DMI) test is our answer to this absence. Download here »

Mercury Control in Wet FGD Using PowerPAC WS™ Read about effective, long-term mercury control using ADA Carbon Solutions’ PowerPAC WS ™ at SRP Navajo Unit 3’s wet FGD over several months.  This technology demonstrated mercury capture sufficient to maintain consistently below-MATS mercury emissions. Download here »

Managing Byproduct Impacts for MATS This paper demonstrates the possibilities for utilization of ash in concrete in post-MATS compliance scenarios.  A new test is introduced to monitor ash quality, and then is applied to real-world utility ash and PAC ranges to show the impacts.  We produce basic guidelines for ash management and specific options to continue ash sales post-MATS.  The work was completed by ADA Carbon Solutions, Headwaters Resources, and Kline Consulting. Download here »

Handling Dry Sorbent Reliably This presentation addresses basic material handling for powdered activated carbons. It was delivered by Jacqueline Cecil de Peyer at Coal Gen 2014 in an informative panel discussion. Download here »

Advanced Activated Carbons for Mercury Control at High Temperatures At the EUEC 2014 conference, we presented demonstration results from various high-temperature applications that with prior generation products have been challenging.  But our new products are able to meet the challenge and have been shown to be effective on several coal types and in temperatures ranging from 350 to 600°F.  From industrial boilers to coal-fired power plants, these successful tests are an example of our rapid product innovation. Download here »

Dynamic Mercury Capture Test ADA Carbon Solutions has implemented a new tool to advance the accuracy and relevance of Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) laboratory screening. The results are excellent for a higher level of batch quality control, accurate comparisons between sorbents, and more-realistic simulation of full-scale injection environments. This tool enables us to rapidly prototype new sorbents, and scale up the results more quickly, both minimizing field issues and reducing the time to solve field problems. We introduced the Dynamic Mercury Capture Test to the industry at the EUEC in conjunction with Dr. Nick Lentz of University of North Dakota. Download here »

Planning Compliance with EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) There are many options and implications to consider in planning compliance.  To enable a clear approach to this process, ADA Carbon Solution has compiled a few guiding principles from the multitude of test programs, configurations and technology options available.  We understand that MATS compliance is unique to each plant and that both current and future configurations need to be taken into account to ensure reliable, consistent compliance for the long term.  Let us help you evaluate your MATS mercury control options. Download here »

Maximizing Ash Value Are you trying to create or protect the value of utilizing your fly ash?  This important revenue stream also avoids significant landfilling cossts.  Our recent presentation provides a good overview on the role of fly ash in concrete, the impact of MATS and other air pollution control sorbents on ash, and ways to mitigate the impacts. Download here »

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