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2017 ADA Carbon Solutions Employee Photo Contest Winners

At ADA Carbon Solutions we are proud to have a wealth of talented and creative employees who are amazing photographers. Every year our employee photo contest results in images that inspire and excite. This year we encouraged our employees to capture a photo that would embody the theme of clean water and clean air.

The follow images are the winners of our 2017 contest:

Blowing Hot Air – David Park
Blowing Hot Air - David Park

Change – Micala Mitchek
Change - Micala Mitchek

Hanging Lake – Raj Virdi
Hanging Lake - Raj Virdi

Upside Down – Clay Smith
Upside Down - Clay Smith

Morning at Red River – The D Shift Team
Morining at Red River - the D Shift Team

Learn a Balanced Approach to MATS at Reinhold APC & Wastewater/ PCUG Conference 2017

Looking for a balanced approach to air emissions compliance?

Visit our booth #32 at this year’s Reinhold APC-Wastewater / PCUG Conference in Charlotte, North Carolina on July 16-18, our team of mercury compliance experts will be on hand to assist with your most difficult compliance challenges.

Multi-pollutant interactions, balance of plant issues, and integration of controls are pressing topics on many plants’ minds. Fill out the form below if you would like to discuss your compliance improvement opportunities with our team of experts.

Key Elements for Successful Compliance Execution

Cost-effective and reliable, consistent emissions control can be a challenge for plants in the current load-cycling, highly competitive environment

A supplier you can count on to work with your plant to improve the cost of compliance, ADA Carbon Solutions prides ourselves on reliability in product quality and supply chain. We apply our scientific, rigorous approach to problem-solving and can work with you in planning, execution, and troubleshooting. Come talk with us at Reinhold. Our goal is your peace of mind.

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Providing Peace of Mind: What Customers Say about ADA Carbon Solutions

ADA Carbon Solutions is entirely focused on providing you with the expert knowledge and long-term solutions needed to stay in compliance. What Makes ADA Carbon Solutions different, is that we are laser focused on the mercury control industry.

We understand the intense pressure that our customers face and we see our mission as helping them to achieve compliance reliably and cost effectively today and tomorrow. What really matters is how our customers feel about our effectiveness in achieving that mission.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Mercury Compliance

We want our customers to have peace of mind with their compliance strategy. That’s why we make it a priority to ask customers how they feel about our services. Recently, we collected customer feedback on our performance and broke down the data into this new graphic. We are excited to share that our customers gave us a 96% peace of mind score regarding their MATS compliance strategy. The survey also revealed

The survey also revealed 10 out of 10 customers were satisfied or very satisfied with our consistency in achieving mercury compliance. Lastly, our team is proud to report 98% of all shipments in 2016 were delivered on time and in full.

See the full survey results below:

Mercury Control Challenges

We approach our mission to provide you with peace of mind by tackling the most difficult mercury control challenges.

Reliable PAC Supply: Mercury control is a challenge on many fronts. You need to secure a supplier who can reliably deliver a product that consistently performs. This is vital to your operational planning and for keeping the balance of your plant’s chemistry intact.

Consistently Achieve Compliance: As an experienced partner, we can ensure you consistently achieve compliance goals. ADA Carbon Solutions is entirely focused on mercury control products, and our team has experience from 180+ full-scale ACI deployments.

Unique Plant Challenges: The experience gained from working with energy utilities, waste-to-energy companies, and industrial boilers means we know what it takes to shape a mercury control strategy that will maximize compatibility with your plant’s specific needs.



Oct. 2-4: Activated Carbon User Group 2017

If you own or operate a coal-fueled power plant, boiler, or cement kiln, join us at the 2017 Activated Carbon User Group. Get insight into real-time mercury compliance with a whole-plant view, study strategies for long-term compliance and cost improvements, and connect with the people & resources you need to achieve and maintain your goals.




Activated Carbon User Group 2017
Nashville, TN
October 2 – 4

If you own or operate a coal-fueled power plant, join us at the 2017 Activated Carbon User Group. Get insight into real-time MATS compliance, study strategies for long-term compliance strategy, and connect with the people & resources you need to achieve and maintain your goals.

Past Talks Have Included: “State-of-the-art PAC” (Joe Wong, ADA Carbon Solutions), “State-of-the-art Equipment” (Michael, Thiel, Nol-Tec), “Fueling Change: The Future of Power Markets” (Presentation), “Halogens, Mercury and Scrubbers” (Panel), “Reducing the Cost of Compliance” (Panel), “Ash Management” (Panel)

“I was able to gather useful information regarding the Startup Shutdown Rule and BOP operational issues pertaining to MATS compliance and share with my co-workers.” – EGU Attendee

“Thank you all so very much for the opportunity to attend the ACI workshop. I appreciate the format & getting to discuss issues with fellow utility folks & industry experts.” – EGU Manager

Nashville, TN – Music City!

The event hits the teeming and beautiful city of Nashville, TN this year — a place packed full of great food and musical history. We’re busy planning events and entertainment for the conference, but you can read through some of these articles to get a taste of what to expect.

“Don’t just take our word for it: Some 85 people a day are moving here for its unique mix of music — the Grand Ole Opry is just the start of the scene — fabulous all-American food, and whip-smart populace attached to Nashville’s numerous universities.” – Frommer’s Best Places to Go in 2017

“This gateway to the South has hit its stride, and 2017 looks to be a banner year. The iconic Ryman Auditorium celebrates its 125th anniversary with a full calendar of fêtes, while the Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum celebrates 50 years and the Bluebird Café turns 35. The city is brimming with new and upcoming eateries: Maneet Chauhan’s The Mockingbird, John Besh’s Marsh House, and Henrietta Red from Per Se–trained chef Julia Sullivan.” – Travel + Leisure 50 Best Places to Travel in 2017

MATS and Beyond: The Role of Technology Choices in Present and Future Coal Plant Compliance

Most power generators have completed their technology implementations to comply with the EPA’s Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) regulations. The focus for many plant operators is now on optimizing for specific operational challenges, long-term mercury compliance, and future considerations for CCR and ELG rules.

Read Our Latest Article in Power Engineering Magazine:

Sheila Glesmann and Chethan Acharya discussed these issues and more in the latest issue of Power Engineering. Read the article in full below, and contact us if you have any questions about your plant’s specific needs.


Download this article »

EUEC 2017: Optimizing and Turndown for Long-term Mercury Compliance


ADA Carbon Solutions technical experts will be in attendance at this year’s EUEC conference in San Diego. You can set a time to optimize your plant’s compliance challenges with our experts below.

Join Our Presentation February 8th at EUEC

C2.1 Optimizing & Turndown of Mercury Control Reagents under MATS
Wednesday. Feb 8th | 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Room 3

Session Sponsor & Co-Chair: Joe Wong
Presenter: Robert Huston
Track C: Mercury Control | Room #3

Coal-fired power plants have been complying with MATS for one to two years and there have been many opportunities to optimize both systems and sorbents. Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is commonly used for mercury control and provides a stable capture media for mercury. Plants have taken a variety of approaches, resulting in successful compliance with improved PAC performance and reliable mercury control. PAC developments continue, providing solutions to more challenging objectives in planning for integrated compliance with ELG & CCR requirements and other changes to plant operations.

Compliance & Beyond: Talk With An Expert!

Beyond compliance, many plants are concerned about the balance of their system’s chemistry, ash resale value, and long-term optimization. Set a time to chat with one of our experts to discuss your plant’s optimization needs.

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MATS and Beyond: The Role of Technology Choices in Present and Future Coal Plant Compliance

The ADA team has published a new article on Power Engineering, covering new technologies to comply with the Environmental Protection Agency’s MATS standards as they are completed.  Compliance with these standards is important, and companies must rely on emissions monitoring and reporting to measure the effectiveness of their compliance technology.

Head over to read the full article for an in-depth look at technology options available to keep coal plants in compliance with mercury regulations.

Introducing FastPAC™ Platinum: Next Generation Powdered Activated Carbon Engineered for Mercury Control

ADA Carbon Solutions is committed to helping coal-fired power plants comply with mercury regulation in the most reliable and cost-effective way. We understand that each power plant has unique characteristics that must be considered in engineering the most optimal PAC and that the impact of that solution on the balance of the plant is an important consideration.

That is why we collaborate with customers to engineer the best overall solution to complex air quality control challenges. We began in 2011, by introducing our FastPAC™ line of products which demonstrated up to 60% improvement over the first generation PACs used for mercury capture.

Since then, we have continued to improve our performance for cement compatibility, performance in higher temperatures and compatibility in a variety of flue gas environments.

Our ongoing efforts have come together to create another step change in performance. These products are called FastPAC™ Platinum.

Maximizing Contact, Conversion, and Capture.

ADA Carbon Solutions takes a scientific approach toward product design with a focus on maximizing the contact, conversion, and capture of mercury. As a result, performance is reliable and consistent over time and minimizes balance of plant concerns.

3X Improved Mercury Removal Capability

Our patent-pending FastPAC™ Platinum line of products have up to 3+ times mercury removal capability as demonstrated in our proprietary Dynamic Mercury Index test compared to FastPAC™ Premium.

38% Reduction in PAC Usage WITH DSI

FastPAC™ Platinum reduced PAC usage by 38% at a 600-megawatt midwest utility using sodium-based DSI.

80+% HG Removal in Presence of High SO3

FastPAC™ Platinum 80 is designed for high concentrations of SO3 in flue gas. It has demonstrated 80+% mercury removal at SO3 levels up to 25 ppm.

To learn more about FastPAC™ Platinum and get in touch with one of our compliance experts with your questions, be sure to visit our powdered activated carbon product page.

PACS Activated Carbon Hall of Fame Award: Joe Wong

PACS Invitation 38th International Activated Carbon Conference
September 15-16, 2016 and Carbon Courses September 12-18

At this year’s PACS International Activated Carbon Conference two valued members of the carbon industry will receive the PACS Activated Carbon Hall of Fame award.

Joe Wong, Chief Technology Scientist from ADA Carbon Solutions will be a recipient of this esteemed award and will also present a lecture lecture entitled “Custom Designing Activated Carbons for Removing Mercury from Coal-fired Power Plants.”

Every September near Pittsburgh PA activated carbon experts to beginners share information to grow the size, quality, and new applications for the activated carbon industry through the International Activated Carbon Conference and Activated Carbon School. Optional carbon courses are provided to accelerate individual knowledge on activated carbons.

Please see the Registration Form for schedules and details.