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EUEC 2017: Optimizing and Turndown for Long-term Mercury Compliance


ADA Carbon Solutions technical experts will be in attendance at this year’s EUEC conference in San Diego. You can set a time to optimize your plant’s compliance challenges with our experts below.

Join Our Presentation February 8th at EUEC

C2.1 Optimizing & Turndown of Mercury Control Reagents under MATS
Wednesday. Feb 8th | 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM | Room 3

Session Sponsor & Co-Chair: Joe Wong
Presenter: Robert Huston
Track C: Mercury Control | Room #3

Coal-fired power plants have been complying with MATS for one to two years and there have been many opportunities to optimize both systems and sorbents. Powdered Activated Carbon (PAC) is commonly used for mercury control and provides a stable capture media for mercury. Plants have taken a variety of approaches, resulting in successful compliance with improved PAC performance and reliable mercury control. PAC developments continue, providing solutions to more challenging objectives in planning for integrated compliance with ELG & CCR requirements and other changes to plant operations.

Compliance & Beyond: Talk With An Expert!

Beyond compliance, many plants are concerned about the balance of their system’s chemistry, ash resale value, and long-term optimization. Set a time to chat with one of our experts to discuss your plant’s optimization needs.

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