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Providing Peace of Mind: What Customers Say about ADA Carbon Solutions

ADA Carbon Solutions is entirely focused on providing you with the expert knowledge and long-term solutions needed to stay in compliance. What Makes ADA Carbon Solutions different, is that we are laser focused on the mercury control industry.

We understand the intense pressure that our customers face and we see our mission as helping them to achieve compliance reliably and cost effectively today and tomorrow. What really matters is how our customers feel about our effectiveness in achieving that mission.

Reliable and Cost-Effective Mercury Compliance

We want our customers to have peace of mind with their compliance strategy. That’s why we make it a priority to ask customers how they feel about our services. Recently, we collected customer feedback on our performance and broke down the data into this new graphic. We are excited to share that our customers gave us a 96% peace of mind score regarding their MATS compliance strategy. The survey also revealed

The survey also revealed 10 out of 10 customers were satisfied or very satisfied with our consistency in achieving mercury compliance. Lastly, our team is proud to report 98% of all shipments in 2016 were delivered on time and in full.

See the full survey results below:

Mercury Control Challenges

We approach our mission to provide you with peace of mind by tackling the most difficult mercury control challenges.

Reliable PAC Supply: Mercury control is a challenge on many fronts. You need to secure a supplier who can reliably deliver a product that consistently performs. This is vital to your operational planning and for keeping the balance of your plant’s chemistry intact.

Consistently Achieve Compliance: As an experienced partner, we can ensure you consistently achieve compliance goals. ADA Carbon Solutions is entirely focused on mercury control products, and our team has experience from 180+ full-scale ACI deployments.

Unique Plant Challenges: The experience gained from working with energy utilities, waste-to-energy companies, and industrial boilers means we know what it takes to shape a mercury control strategy that will maximize compatibility with your plant’s specific needs.