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EPA proposes reconsideration rules for Portland Cement MACT

The comment period is open through August 17, 2012 on EPA’s amended MACT rule proposal for Portland Cement Manufacturing plants. Based on a DC Circuit Court decision and petitions from industry, EPA proposes extending compliance to September 2015 and revising the PM standard, among other changes. The Federal Register notice can be found at:

EPA proposes first carbon standard for new power plants on March 27, 2012

The comment period is open until June 25 on EPA’s proposal for a greenhouse gas emission standard for new power plants. The proposal does not affect existing plants but EPA is proposing that new fossil‐fuel‐fired power plants meet an output‐based standard of 1,000 pounds of CO2 per megawatt‐hour (lb CO2/MWh gross). Read more on EPA’s website at:

Final Utility MACT Rule published in the Federal Register on February 16, 2012

EPA terms the new rule “MATS” for mercury and air toxics standard and has a projected compliance date of April 16, 2015. The rule affects existing, new and reconstructed or modified coal- and oil-fired power plants. ADA Carbon Solutions activated carbons are a key component to meet these new mercury standards reliably and for the long term.