Mercury Control for the Portland Cement Industry

Reliable and Cost-effective Mercury Compliance For The Cement Industry

Cement manufacturers have unique challenges in terms of maintaining a manageable mercury control loop while maintaining strict product quality control. Short-term and long-term mercury equilibrium within the kiln system can complicate flue gas emissions management. Operational solutions with intermittent injection in conjunction with the right activated carbon product and careful monitoring may be required.

ADA Carbon Solutions works with cement plants to identify the best product and control strategy for flue gas mercury emissions compliance under your individual plant’s constraints.  We can help you solve the challenges of mercury control in difficult applications. As your partner in emissions control, we help you evaluate your facility’s near and long-term needs and help you develop a plan to cost-effectively provide the peace of mind that comes with a reliable compliance strategy.

Powdered Activated Carbon Engineered For Mercury Capture

The EPA’s new MACT rules for Portland Cement facilities mean that your compliance plans for the future are evolving. You need a partner who can reliably and cost-effectively capture mercury and keep you in compliance. ADA Carbon Solutions’ core strategic focus is creating powdered activated carbon products optimized for mercury control. 

Expertise: Our team of experts has served over 70 GW of power, multiple waste incineration, and cement kilns across the globe. Our experience in 150+ ACI installations has taught us valuable lessons and has informed the development of advanced products for numerous challenging mercury capture applications.

Reliability: Reliable mercury capture is the key focus for not only our product engineering but for our entire supply chain. That means we’ve optimized our coal feedstock and our fleet of delivery railcars to provide reliable transport our products at peak efficiency.

Compliance: ADA Carbon Solutions’ internal research and development department is focused on developing advanced products to help our customers meet mercury compliance standards. Our focus on mercury control allows us to provide a product that suits your specific needs for a low cost of compliance.

For more information about ADA Carbon Solutions’ products, our mercury control expertise, our state-of-the-art manufacturing and delivery facilities, or to discuss your mercury control concerns, please contact us.

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