FastPAC™ Series

ADA Carbon Solutions’ FastPAC™ series consists of FastPAC™ and the brominated FastPAC Premium™. These patent-pending, next-generation powdered activated carbons are designed to rapidly and efficiently remove mercury from the flue gas of power plants and other coal-fired facilities.

In over 20 full-scale sorbent injection tests, the products in the FastPAC™ series have demonstrated reliable mercury capture in a wide range of coal-fired units and have proven especially effective in facilities with cold-side electrostatic precipitator (ESP) configurations, with both low-rank and higher-sulfur coals.

These products can achieve mercury regulatory emissions limits using 30-60% less activated carbon as compared to conventional first-generation sorbents and have demonstrated the ability to exceed such limits. In some instances, the substantial reduction in sorbent injection rates can significantly reduce loads on particulate removal equipment and can allow utilities to reconsider capital investments in ESP upgrades and/or baghouse purchases.

Moreover, use of products in the FastPACTM series has resulted in a fly ash/activated carbon mixture with qualities that facilitate sale and beneficial use.

Benefits of FastPAC™ Series Products

  • Optimized for rapid and efficient mercury capture in coal-fired power plants
  • Compatible with all coal types
  • 30-60% lower injection rates in order to achieve regulatory limits as compared to conventional first-generation sorbents
  • Effective with both electrostatic precipitators and fabric filters
  • Reduced equipment wear-and-tear and maintenance requirements
  • Handles and flows well in injection systems
  • Lower activated carbon content in fly ash
  • Rapid foam stability
  • Backed by ADA Carbon Solution’s mercury control expertise

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