PowerPAC Premium Plus™

This product has been optimized for flue gas mercury capture.  It incorporates advanced halogen treatment to improve the oxidation of mercury.  Its use is recommended in certain challenging applications including low-halogen flue gases when conventional halogenated Powdered Activated Carbons are inadequate.  Contact us to assist in product selection or to plan a demonstration test of PowerPAC™ Premium Plus.

More Info On PowerPAC Premium Plus™

  • Benefits
    • Effective pore structure and chemical functionality for mercury control absorption
    • Designed for use in low halogen coals
    • Effective for injection ahead of the air preheater
    • Excellent oxidation and secure capture of mercury
    • Available in bulk trailers or 1,000-lb sacks
    • Optimized properties for mercury capture in more-challenging low-halogen applications

  • Specification
  • Moisture                       12% maximum as packed
    Size                       95% minimum minus 325 mesh

  • Typical Properties
  • Tap Density     0.5 – 0.7g/cm³
    Ignition Temperature     Greater than 400°C (752°F)

  • Data Sheet
  • For more information, download our product data sheet here:

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