Mercury Control for Waste Combustors


Overcome Mercury Control and Compliance Challenges

Waste combustors are presented with unique challenges due to the variability of their fuel source. They need a provider of activated carbon who understands these variables and designs a carbon that can provide reliable mercury capture across a broad spectrum of flue gas conditions. ADA Carbon Solutions works with waste combustors to identify the best product and strategy for mercury emissions compliance in your flue gas conditions.

We can help you solve the challenges of mercury control in difficult applications and develop a plan to get your operation into compliance with the EPA rules and regulations. As your partner in emissions control, we help you evaluate your facility’s near-term issues and long-term needs and help you develop a plan to cost-effectively provide the peace of mind that comes with a reliable compliance strategy.

Waste to Energy facilities, including small municipal waste combustion units, large combustion units and waste incinerators, have continuing mercury compliance needs and our products are well suited for your application.

Incineration facilities have newer requirements. New MACT rules for solid waste and sewage sludge incinerators mean that your compliance planning for the future is evolving (see EPA’s rules at

For more information about ADA Carbon Solutions’ products, our mercury control expertise, our state-of-the-art manufacturing and delivery facilities, or to discuss your mercury control concerns, please contact us.

Jack Cannon, Director of Procurement Wheelabrator Technologies Inc.

Wheelabrator requires PAC at 13 of our waste to energy facilities, and consistent and reliable supply assurance is an important factor in our selection of an activated carbon supplier. ADA Carbon Solutions demonstrated commitment to supply chain assurance and responsiveness was a key factor in the award of the supply contract. Their performance since the contract award has proven that we made the right decision.